Thursday, July 23, 2009

Better Wireless Range For Your MacBook Pro

Downloads were taking forever. I though it was because my router was about 150 feet away from my computer. But on further investigation, I came to the conclusion that was only part of the reason my internet connection was lagging. The answer came in the form of a MacBook that I recently purchased as an additional workstation. My MacBook Pro was not getting a good signal, but the MacBook was? If distance was an issue, why could one computer get a strong signal and the other get such a weak one? Well the other part of the problem was in the material. It turns out that the aluminum body of the MacBook Pro was interfering with the already diluted wireless signal. That's why the plastic MacBook didn't have any connection problems. Great. I figured it out, but now what? The solution: I purchased an external usb antenna from newertechnology, called MaxPower. Only $40 from MacSales. It basically replaces the internal airport card, far from any interference from the aluminum casing. You can position the antenna for the best reception, which visually changes in a display with the included wireless utility. I did some internet speed tests and the results were amazing. Over 5x better reception! If you have an aluminum MacBook Pro, and are getting a poor signal, you really can't beat this device.

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