Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Equipment Bag Part 1 - The Sony V1u

As a professional cameraman and video editor, my focus in this blog will be to share my experiences with all aspects of video production in the digital video realm. Today, let's start with the camera. Depending on the type of work you do, I recommend 2 matched cameras. It's good to have a back-up, and, in addition, you can have the option to shoot multi-cam. My camera choice....the sony v1u. This is an excellent 3-chip camera that shoots in HDV. This camera has worked terrifically for me since I acquired it a little over a year ago. Beautiful color representation and picture clarity, some of the best images I've seen in this range of camera. It's very versatile, and rugged. I travel a lot for my productions, so the camera also travels a lot. It has even taken on some salt water from a recent Sea-Doo shoot, where I caught some spray from another vehicle. I really love the compactness of the camera, as I am usually shooting in tight spaces. With the "bracket 1" to hold my sennheiser audio pack, I have room for an on-camera light and I'm ready for running and gunning. Controls are logically placed and easy to get to with all the professional settings you need. I'm not going to go into the camera and it's settings in-depth, but I wanted to start out with this vital piece of equipment for any video maker.